Wilson, Joseph C.

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Wilson, Joseph C. (Chamberlain, II)

(1909–71) manufacturer; born in Rochester, N.Y. (son of Joseph Robert Wilson). He joined the Haloid Company, his father's photographic paper business (founded in 1907), in 1933. As president (1946–66), he directed its long but successful development of the xerographic process, which after 1960 revolutionized U.S. office routines and made the company, renamed Xerox in 1961, a corporate giant.
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Ferguson and his two companions, Richard Kennedy and Joseph Wilson, clinging to the cordage and network of a balloon, and that the said balloon fell at a distance of a few paces from us into the river, and being swept away by the current was lost in the cataracts of Gouina.
Joseph Wilson, who has 30 years of banking experience, has been named as executive vice president, Bay Area manager, and Michael Khan, who has 17 years of banking experience, will take charge as senior vice president, commercial lender.
Bush's administration that year in apparent retribution for criticisms of the Bush administration made by her husband, Joseph Wilson.
Joseph Wilson, 41, from Fazakerley, first lied about the death of a brother in 2012 and on separate occasions went on to claim he was grieving the loss of a cousin and then a sister.
Seniors: Muzzi Fuyana (Middlesbrough ABC) won unanimous Joseph Wilson (Bishop Auckland); Asif Ishaque (Phil Thomas) won unanimous H Asam (Dunston); Joe Crowther (Phil Thomas) lost disqualification Joe Hill (Redcar); Blain McCarthy (Phil Thomas) won unanimous Mark Tulley (Swalwell).
He is PS356 ahead of Ayr's Joseph Wilson going into the final week so it's going to take at least 35-1 winner to topple him - or a much bigger success from somone further down the leaderboard.
Dr Joseph Wilson Chairman Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) on Friday disclosed that the CCP has taken notice of the suspected cartelization in staple food crops pricing and is sharing data with the relevant ministries.
Joseph Wilson and other officials participated in meeting of the Finance committee.
Joseph Wilson, CCP Chairman, was speaking at the National Continuing Legal Education Conference here at a local hotel.
Brother in-law Joseph Wilson of Oxford and Fred Wilson and wife Lucille of Uxbridge, as well as several nieces and nephews.
Joseph Wilson opened the scoring for the visitors with a try on nine minutes before Grant Hallam hit back for Longton with a penalty.