Joshua tree

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Joshua tree:

see yuccayucca
, any plant of the genus Yucca, stiff-leaved stemless or treelike succulents of the family Liliaceae (lily family), native chiefly to the tablelands of Mexico and the American Southwest but found also in the E United States and the West Indies.
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Very pointy sharp spiky leaves, white flower stalk. Inner stem (aerial root) & root is what you want. Source of sterols and saponins. Sterols bind cholesterol, help formation of hormones through adrenal glands. High in resveratrol- a very strong anti-aging anti-tumor phytoestogen that counters a lot of the stronger estrogens which can accelerate the growth of cancer cells. (plastic for example is an estrogenic compound) Saponins are natural steroidal anti-inflammatory- great for ulcerative colitis, gastritis, any type of intestinal inflammation, arthritis, asthma and some allergies. It's a soap molecule- indians used it to wash hair and stimulate hair growth by using it as shampoo and soap. Flowers are edible. Do not eat the spiky leaves, their juice was used by indians to make poison arrows. Inner stem and root is anti-inflammatory, assists in absorption of nutrients. Supports the growth of beneficial intestinal flora. Extracts have bee used for tumors and melanoma. Make steam bath with root for broken bones and sprains. Yucca root- Grind up inner white powdery stem, make a tea out of it. Also very beneficial to soil… grind up and add to soil. Because it holds moisture like a sponge, this stuff makes a great mulch in the garden, because it's high in plant sterols, it helps other plants adapt to stresses of life, extreme temperatures etc (high heat in desert, wind) The flowers, buds and fruit are edible. Tastes better when steamed. Root saponins are toxic to small animals. Helps establish a correct balance of intestinal flora (probiotics) in the gut and colon. Yucca is also somewhat of a laxative. Flower stalks are commonly roasted and eaten like sugarcane or peeled, boiled and eaten like asparagus. Yucca fruit is a bittersweet mass of juicy flesh that can be eaten raw or cooked.
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In the lower Colorado Desert, spiders spin morning webs between the barbs of cholla (called "jumping cactus" for good reason); in the Mojave, desert night lizards perfect the art of being invisible under the fallen bark of Joshua trees.
Anton Corbjin's photographs perfectly captured the spirit of U2's The Joshua Tree.
With the data in the first map, optimistic as it may be, the researchers applied projections of future Mojave desert climate in a world with twice the atmospheric carbon dioxide we had in the 20th century, calculated the likelihood of Joshua tree survival based strictly on climatic factors (as opposed to urbanization, fire, non-climatic disease, and so on), calculated the rate at which the trees disperse new seedlings to potentially more welcoming habitat, and mapped the species' projected range in the mid-late 21st century.
Rising early--we skipped the late-night "after-party" at Site Seven, located a good twenty-five DWI-miles east of the Palms--we decide to spend the morning in Joshua Tree National Park.
Humans have a shared history with the Joshua tree that predates the champion, Fremont, and the Mormons by some 10,000 years.
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com)-- As autumn falls across the pristine desert landscapes of Joshua Tree National Park, the dropping temperatures and shorter days signify the start of another new season: climbing season.
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May 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Joshua Tree National Park celebrates its 75th Anniversary as part of the national park system this year.
It all happened thanks to a special partnership between NPCA and Nestle Waters North America: On behalf of its six regional water brands (Arrowhead,[R] Deer Park,[R] Ice Mountain,[R] Ozarka,[R] Poland Spring,[R] and Zephyrhills,[R] Nestle Waters--an organization with similar goals to NPCA with respect to protecting nature's special places--donated $600,000 to support NPCA's work, and part of that money funded the restoration project at Joshua Tree.