Josiah Wedgwood

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Josiah Wedgwood
BirthplaceBurslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, UK

Wedgwood, Josiah


Born July 12, 1730, in Burslem, Staffordshire; died Jan. 3, 1795, in Etruria, near Burslem. English pottery designer and manufacturer. One of the leading representatives of classicist decorative applied arts.

The son of a potter, Wedgwood worked in Stoke-on-Trent from 1752 and in Burslem from 1759. In 1769 he built the village of Etruria and its ceramic-ware factory. Wedgwood invented and perfected various types of high-quality ware, including basaltes, jasperware, and cream-colored ware known as queensware. His factory, which employed the sculptor and artist J. Flaxman, produced ware of severe form, decorative furniture ornaments, and plaquettes primarily from jasper stoneware clay of pastel blue, light green, violet, or black color and with white reliefs in the Roman style.


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Hon Josiah Wedgwood V (1899-1968) was the fourth of seven children of Colonel Josiah Clement Wedgwood (IV), (1872-1943), Labour politician, created 1st Baron Wedgwood of Barlaston in 1942.
In 1776 Josiah Wedgwood received the doubtful honour of a visit from the Duke Karl Eugen of Ludwigsburg, who owned the porcelain factory as "a necessary appanage of lustre and prestige", to quote his own words.
The supplicating pose of the Eunuch and the simplicity of his characteristic dress are recapitulated in later abolitionist representations of enslaved people, including the well-known abolitionist seal produced by Josiah Wedgwood.
The Wedgwood factory is using many state-of-the-art technologies and, at the same time, maintaining many of the traditional techniques developed by Josiah Wedgwood, who can be considered a true experimenter and innovator.
Jasperware was the last of the ceramic bodies Josiah Wedgwood developed, and first appeared in 1774.
Wedgwood was founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood who is now remembered as the "Father of English Potters".
Tom R and Tom DWedgwood, eighth generation descendants of founder Josiah Wedgwood, are leading a bid for the stricken business.
By late 2004, Josiah Wedgwood and Royal Doulton, the two companies dominating the industry, were in discussion about a possible takeover of the ailing Royal Doulton by the former's parent company, Dublin-registered Waterford Wedgwood PLC.
He graduated from Commerce High School, Central New England College and was a direct descendent of Josiah Wedgwood, one of the early settlers of the Colonies.
One of six children, she had three brothers and two sisters, and her mother Sarah Wedgwood was a descendent of Josiah Wedgwood, the English potter.
Tom is a direct descendant of Josiah Wedgwood who set up the firm in his home town and is remembered as "the Father of the English Potters".