Josquin Desprez

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Josquin Desprez or Des Prés

(both: zhōs`kăN dāprā`), c.1440–1521, Flemish composer, b. Hainaut, regarded by his contemporaries as the greatest of his age. Luther spoke highly of Desprez, who may have instructed Erasmus in music. He was in Milan from 1459 to 1479, and he sang in the papal choir intermittently from 1486 to 1494. After brief service under the duke of Ferrara, he ended his days as provost of the Collegiate Church of Condé. His earlier works exhibit a preoccupation with contrapuntal skills, while his later works are more chordal. He wrote masses and miscellaneous Italian pieces, but he was particularly noted for his chansons and motets.
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In a series of remarkable papers, coolly and masterfully delivered at recent meetings of the American Musicological Society, the Merkleys have systematically rewritten the biography of Josquin Desprez, preeminent European composer of the early-modern period: for scholars in other disciplines whose eye might fall on this page, the Merkleys' accomplishment in this respect is roughly equivalent to overturning current understanding of the biography of Martin Luther, for example, or of Michelangelo.
Case by ease, he considers claimed sightings of Josquin in locations that seem to conflict with this framework by logically explaining them or dismissing them as references to people other than our Josquin: thus, Josquin Desprez could not have been the Josquin who was transporting dogs between the Gonzaga family and Ascanio Sforza in 1498 and 1499, but it is physically possible for our guy to have travelled from Ferrara to Gonde in eleven days.
Interspersed among the various sections of the Mass settings, examples of works by Josquin Desprez provided further evidence, if any were needed, of the supremacy of the choir in music of this period.
It is generally believed, though it has not been conclusively established, that he was born in Chatellerault; his exact birth date is a matter of speculation (probably during the 1480s), and while his compositional style owes a clear debt to Josquin Desprez, there is little reason to believe he ever studied with the Flemish master.
Other northern composers represented in Petrucci's motet publications and active in Italy include Josquin Desprez (ca.
For most musicologists, Milan between the ages of Josquin Desprez and Giovanni Battista Sammartini is terra incognita.
As a pupil of Josquin Desprez and a prominent exponent of the dense and virtuosic style of choral writing associated with the Flemish school, Antoine Brumel is regularly included with such lowland masters as Jacob Obrecht, Jean Mouton, and Alexander Agricola.
Among the composers are Josquin Desprez, Orlando di Lasso, Andrea Gabrieli, Jacob Regnart, Jacobus Vaet, and Giaches de Wert.
It is precisely under these circumstances that Richard Sherr assembled an impressive roster of scholars to reassess the output of Josquin Desprez.
The surety that comes from having Walker as a guide through the tangled history of fugal theory from Josquin Desprez to J.
This leads to the curious assertion that Johann Sebastian Bach, Claudio Monteverdi, and Josquin Desprez were included only "retrospectively" in the "canon of great art music" (p.
In her introduction to the volume, she describes Busnoys as a composer whose reputation has been somewhat overshadowed by his more valorized contemporaries Johannes Ockeghem, Jacob Obrecht, Josquin Desprez, anti Heinrich Isaac.