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video game controller

The input device used to control a video game. Controllers have evolved from a single joystick with one button to devices with joy sticks, pedals and dozens of buttons. See video game console, joystick and Kinect.

Full Cockpit Controls
Capcom's Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox puts the gamer inside a futuristic robotic war machine. It uses joysticks, levers, dials and more than 40 buttons to simulate the cockpit of the "Vertical Tank." (Image courtesy of Capcom Entertainment.)

The Gamepad
Also called "joypads" and "control pads," a gamepad is held in the hands and operated with both thumbs such as this wireless unit from Sony for its PlayStation3. Direction buttons, or a directional paddle, are typically on the left side with the action buttons on the right. (Image courtesy of Sony Corporation.)

Flight Simulator Controller
Perhaps the most elaborate game controller ever, high-end gaming PC maker MAINGEAR introduced a cockpit controller for diehard enthusiasts in 2012. With the monitor placed on top of the controller, you are flying the plane! For more information, visit
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Simply use the supplied joypad to navigate and orientate the drone via computer screen.
The defender picked up a joypad and took on one lucky supporter during his meet-andgreet at the Game store in Necwastle's Eldon Square.
Beatbox, buzzkill, chillax, coqui, frenemy, funplex, jockdom, joypad, mixtape, mojito, ponzu, qigong, schmutz, sudoku and yuzu.
There are hundreds of compatible games that can be played with these joysticks, including Robokill, Joypad Elite, Aralon: Sword and Shadow, Super Mega Worm, Meteor Blitz, Dink Smallwood, and Blade of Betrayal.
It also comes with the new ultra-sensitive Kinect included and a redesigned controller which, apparently, has 40 optimisations over the 360 joypad, though details on those are still unrevealed.
The quiet, meek little fellow whom he has been playing like a joypad for months now, has suddenly, and without warning, transformed completely into a hound from hell (Surprise
A gamer can play Fifa 12 against another player using a specially-designed joypad and two switches, while the Nomad control option on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is designed for a gamer who is not able to hold buttons down to zoom into the action.
Specifically built with Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play in mind, it makes full use of the somewhat forgotten handset's hardware, PlayStation joypad and buttons, making it a joy to play with tight controls and great visuals focusing on tournament play.
I have just won my first race in new console game Champion Jockey, not by tapping buttons on a joypad, but by mimicking the riding of a finish, my actions transferred on to screen via a motion sensor.
If the live experience isn't your thing and you prefer the comfort of a joypad over the grip of a paintball gun then the amazing 1 million dollar gaming competition could be what you need.
For those of you who know how to hold a joypad it will take considerably less.
The Nintendo Wii (pronounced wee) is a new style of console that swaps the conventional style of joypad for a wireless handset that works by infrared and resembles a television remote control.