Attila József

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József, Attila


Born Apr. 11, 1905, in Budapest; died Dec. 3, 1937, in the village of Balatonszarszo. Hungarian poet; became a member of the Hungarian Communist Party in 1930.

József was the son of a worker. He studied at the universities of Szeged and Vienna and at the Sorbonne. Imitation of E. Ady, G. Juhász, and W. Whitman is noticeable in his first collection, Beggar of Beauty (1922). However, in his collections It Is Not I Who Shouts (1924) and No Father or Mother (1929), despite the well-known influence of expressionism and surrealism, he was already asserting his own defiantly grotesque, but at times sincere, lyric manner. József’s poetry, in which an intense drama-tism appears, reflects the unfortunate condition of working people and their will for revolutionary struggle (the collections Root Out the Stumps and Don’t Whine, 1931; Night on the Outskirts, 1932; and Bear’s Dance, 1934). In his last collection, Very Painful (1936), bitter protest is interwoven with depression and despair.


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So did numerous writers in other languages, such as the Peruvian Cesar Vallejo or the Hungarian Jozsef Attila, of whom Wald, dazzled by the "Popular Front" of Earl Browder, seems to know nothing.
Completano il volume un dramma-lampo e un quaderno di traduzioni, da Dylan Thomas ad Andre Breton, da Jozsef Attila a Seamus Heaney.