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Nova, João (Juan) da


Date of birth unknown; died in 1509. Portuguese navigator.

In 1501, en route from Portugal to India at the head of a flotilla of four ships, da Nova discovered Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean. On the return trip, in 1502, he discovered the island of St. Helena.

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I will play you Mozart, if you like, which will only make you weep; but my Don Juan, Christine, burns; and yet he is not struck by fire from Heaven.
The usurper landed in France, near Antibes, in the Gulf of Juan, two hundred and fifty leagues from Paris, on the 1st of March, and you only acquired this information to-day, the
But the worst of it, gentlemen- I am giving Kuragin away to you- is that that man suffers, and this Don Juan, wicked fellow, is taking advantage of it
It was quite cheering to meet the modern Don Juan once more.
He always loved the sea, and he here spent many happy hours sailing about the bay in his boat the Don Juan.
Juan Alvarado, the Federal commander, was a monster.
When he returned, the line of communication was reestablished, and Juan Alvarado was dead.
Florida, discovered on Palm Sunday, in 1512, by Juan Ponce de Leon, was originally named
We see this in nearly all the plants and animals of the Galapagos archipelago, of Juan Fernandez, and of the other American islands being related in the most striking manner to the plants and animals of the neighbouring American mainland; and those of the Cape de Verde archipelago and other African islands to the African mainland.
At night we came to the house of Don Juan Fuentes, a rich landed proprietor, but not personally known to either of my companions.
They were becoming civilized when I left Juan Fernandez,' says Lightwood.