Eye of Horus

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The Egyptian Eye of Horus. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.

Eye of Horus

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Known by the ancient Egyptians as the udjat, or "Eye of God," the symbol represents the eye of the god Horus and is used to protect from evil. It is a sigil that was placed on talismans, religious jewelry, sarcophagi, and other funerary items. It was also painted on the bows of boats to help the boat "see" their way.

Although generally known today as the Eye of Horus, Barbara Walker suggests that it has previously been the Eye of Maat, of Thoth, and of Ra, with the male deities coming later since Maat was the all-seeing Mother of Truth.

The Eye of Horus is used by many modern day Witches as a talisman and as a symbol for the Third Eye.

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