Judicial Division

Judicial Division


(Russian, sudebnaia kollegiia), in a broad sense, the composition of a court during the consideration of criminal and civil cases; in the USSR, an organizational subunit in most courts (except raion and city courts and military tribunals). Oblast, krai, and okrug courts and supreme courts of autonomous and Union republics have a judicial division for civil cases and a judicial division for criminal cases. The Supreme Court of the USSR has a military division as well (seeMILITARY COLLEGIUM).

The decisions rendered by the courts with respect to individual cases—except decisions by the raion, city, and people’s courts, the military tribunals, the court presidia, and the plenums of the court—originate in the judicial division of the appropriate court. The judicial divisions of the oblast, krai, and okrug courts and supreme courts of the autonomous republics act as courts of the first instance and as appellate courts. Those of the supreme courts of the Union republics consider, in the first instance, cases of particular importance or great social significance that they have accepted for consideration on their own initiative or on the initiative of the procurator of the republic. They are courts of second instance with respect to the oblast, krai, and okrug courts and supreme courts of the autonomous republics, and they are supervisory courts as well.

The judicial divisions of the Supreme Court of the USSR are empowered to consider, in the first instance, exceptionally important criminal and civil cases referred by law to their competence. By way of judicial supervision, they are empowered to consider protests made by the chairman of the Supreme Court of the USSR, the procurator-general of the USSR, and the deputies of these two officials against decisions and sentences rendered by the courts of the Union republics. As courts of first instance, judicial divisions consist of a chairman, deputy chairman or member of the court, and two people’s assessors. As courts of second instance, and when considering protests by way of judicial supervision, they consist of three members of the court.

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According to the charge, 'Stella Achara in or about the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 at Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Enugu in the Enugu Judicial Division did by force pretences and with intent to defraud, obtain from one Nwatarah Hope 'f', Stella Egotanwa 'f', Ogbe Onyinye 'f', Nwufo Ifeoma 'f' Aforka Clementina 'f', Ikemefuna Ebonyi 'm', Stella Onyeji 'f' Mbah Loveth Ifeoma 'f', Okoh Perpetua 'f', Uche Onyia 'f', Egbo Nonye, Igbokwe Patricia 'f' and Nwaizugbe Chioma 'f' the total sum of N14 million (fourteen million naira), by falsely pretending that you have the power to procure employment for them and what you will employ them as staff of federal neuropsychiatric hospital, New Haven, Enugu, which presentation you knew to be false.
Chawki Tabib said every adviser, government official or manager of public company involved in a case brought before the Economic and Financial Judicial Division over suspected corruption must submit his resignation.
The Lawyers Conference is part of the ABAs Judicial Division and provides a forum for attorneys and law students to interact with members of the judiciary and the community; to improve the administration of justice; to advance confidence in the judiciary; and to promote a diverse and adequately funded justice system.
Based on their population size, various dzongkhags comprise sub-districts known as 'dungkhag,' that is an intermediate administrative and judicial division, which also constitute a gewog.
In March 2014, a 16-judge panel of the ICJ, the judicial division of the United Nations, ruled 12 to 4 that Japan's killing of Antarctic whales -- whose meat is sold in shops and restaurants -- was not justified.
Although not covered in the blog post, the assignment of judges to cases in Texas is based on the judicial division where the case is brought.
The judicial division comprises four main sections; Conciliation and Reconciliation, First Instance, Appeals, and Execution.
Judicial division of the Supreme Court will consider criminal probe against three Members of Parliament of the Ata-Jurt faction Sadyr Japarov, Kamchibek Tashiev and Talant Mamytov on August 6.
He said that court rulings on adultery at the Omdurman Judicial division in 2005 amounted to 31 compared to 142 rulings in 2009.
34) Having seen the pressing need for a court in Valdez, Wickersham met with members of the Senate Subcommittee on Territories in 1904 and urged them to create a new judicial division headquartered at Valdez.
McMahon Award by the ABA's Judicial Division National Conference of Specialized Court Judges.

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