Judicial Procedure

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Judicial Procedure


the procedure for the consideration of criminal cases (criminal procedure) and civil cases (civil procedure).

In the USSR, criminal procedure is defined by the Basic Principles of Criminal Procedure (1958) and the codes of criminal procedure of the Union republics. Civil procedure is defined by the Basic Principles of Civil Procedure (1961) and the codes of civil procedure of the Union republics. Soviet criminal procedure, in its full complement of norms, is aimed at the full and expeditious solution of crimes, the exposure of the guilty, and the correct application of the law—so that anyone who commits a crime receives just punishment and so that no innocent person is brought to trial and convicted. It promotes increased legality and improved crime prevention and eradication. Civil procedure ensures the proper and expeditious consideration and resolution of civil cases for the purpose of preserving the state and social order of the USSR, the socialist economy and socialist property, and the defense of the rights and legally protected interests of citizens, state institutions, enterprises, kolkhozes, and other cooperative and public organizations. Judicial procedure is founded on such principles as legality, administration of justice solely by the courts, publicity of proceedings, equal rights for all participants in the judicial process, and directness, continuity, and the oral nature of judicial examination.

Legislation on judicial procedure regulates the basic principles involved in the consideration of cases by bodies of the court, bodies of investigation, and bodies of inquiry. It also regulates the rights and duties of participants in the judicial process at the various stages of the process, the procedure for evaluating evidence and employing measures of restraint, the procedure for the court’s rendering of a sentence, ruling, or decision, the procedure for appeals and review, and the procedure for execution of the court’s sentence, ruling, or decision.

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Seeking alternatives to lengthy judicial procedures should be welcomed, but not if it comes at the expense of victims' right to get justice.
In part II one finds Holtz's reconstruction of the stages of Neo-Babylonian judicial procedure, which he bases on the text-types identified in part I.
The sources said that the judicial procedure in Samaha's case would be lengthy, despite reports that he recanted his statements before the military judge, as the only witness in the case, Milad Kfoury, is reported to have left the country and has been granted leave by authorities not to participate in the investigation.
The Pre-Trial Chamber Judges have the exclusive competence to decide on the continuation of the ICC judicial procedure.
THE way a defendant in a Huddersfield court case was spirited out of the building raises serious concerns about judicial procedure.
I would like to add my support to Chuks Abdi's criticism of China's approach to punishing corruption in that it lacks transparency in judicial procedure ('Transparency is key', Letters, African Business, May 2010 issue).
It seems that the men were deprived of a fair judicial procedure.
In seeking to complete the long process of standardization and centralization that had defined the growth of the French judicial system for centuries, the revolutionaries (like the eventual authors of the 1804 Civil Code and 1810 Criminal Code) sought to amend the worst abuses--and most confusing features--of Old Regime law and judicial procedure.
Miss Horton's father, Ian, said today: 'We respect the judicial procedure that happens in Thailand.
In a rarely utilized judicial procedure that underscored that Corcoran's claims for breach of contract were baseless, the Supreme Court granted reverse summary judgment in favor of Mr.
A Foreign Office spokesman confirmed the judicial procedure could see Michael's case referred for retrial.
LDP Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Hidenao Nakagawa reiterated the party's position, saying the ongoing judicial procedure on the case must be a first priority.