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(yü`lĭkh), former duchy, Germany, between Cologne and Aachen. At first a county, Jülich was raised to a duchy in 1356, and in 1423 it was united with the county of BergBerg
, former duchy, W Germany, along the right bank of the Rhine River between the Ruhr and Sieg rivers. Düsseldorf was its chief city. A county in the 12th cent., Berg passed (1348) to the dukes of Jülich and in 1380 was made a duchy.
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. After the extinction of the Jülich line, both Jülich and Berg passed (1521) to Duke John III of Cleves (see Cleves, duchy ofCleves, duchy of,
former state, W Germany, on both sides of the lower Rhine, bordering on the Netherlands. Cleves was the capital. A county from late Carolingian times, it acquired (late 14th cent.) the county of Mark, in Westphalia, and in 1417 was made a duchy.
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). The struggle that broke out in 1609 for the succession to the territories of the dukes of Cleves ended in 1666. Jülich and Berg passed to the Palatinate-Neuburg branch of the Bavarian house of Wittelsbach and the rest to the electors of Brandenburg. Occupied by the French from 1794 to 1814, the territory was assigned (1815) to Prussia at the Congress of Vienna.


town (1994 pop. 31,780), North Rhine–Westphalia, W Germany. It has some light industry and is the seat of a nuclear research center. Originally a Roman settlement known as Juliacum, Jülich was chartered in the mid-13th cent. and served as the capital of the former duchy of Jülich. The town was almost totally destroyed in World War II.



a historical region in Germany, now in the Federal Republic of Germany; located in the Land (state) of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Originally a county, Jülich became a margravate in 1336 and a duchy in 1360. In 1423 it was united with the duchy of Berg, and from 1511, Jülich and Berg were both ruled by the duke of Cleves. When the line of the dukes of Cleves ended, a dispute broke out between the German Catholic and Protestant princes. This dispute developed into an acute international conflict foreshadowing the Thirty Years’ War (1618–48). As a result of the struggle for the Jülich-Cleves succession, Jülich passed to the Catholic Palatinate-Neuburg. From 1777 it was under the jurisdiction of the ruler of Bavaria. It was seized by French troops in 1794 and annexed to France in 1801. The Congress of Vienna (1814–15) gave almost all of Jülich to Prussia.

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