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see YugoslaviaYugoslavia
, Serbo-Croatian Jugoslavija, former country of SE Europe, in the Balkan Peninsula. Belgrade was the capital and by far the largest city. Yugoslavs (i.e.
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, Jugoslavia
1. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. a former country of SE Europe, comprising Serbia and Montenegro, that was formed in 1991 but not widely internationally recognized until 2000; it was replaced by the Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003
2. a former country in SE Europe, on the Adriatic: established in 1918 from the independent states of Serbia and Montenegro, and regions that until World War I had belonged to Austria-Hungary (Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina); the name was changed from Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes to Yugoslavia in 1929; German invasion of 1941--44 was resisted chiefly by a Communist group led by Tito, who declared a people's republic in 1945; it became the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1963; in 1991 Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence, followed by Macedonia in 1992; Serbia and Montenegro formed the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, subsequently (2003) replaced by the Union of Serbia and Montenegro
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There was none of that mobbing that the mere sight of a Jeep produced in any other part of newly liberated Jugoslavia.
In the atmosphere of 1945 a rump of patriotic Roman Catholic priests emerged in Zagreb under Monsignor Rytig's leadership who professed loyalty both to the Pope and to Marshal Tito's Jugoslavia.
Stories from Cyprus, Iraq, the former Jugoslavia and finally Somalia make it clear that Canadians were still subjected to atrocious living conditions and real dangers during the "years of peace.
The story features Jagoda, a Croatian woman from the former Jugoslavia, who narrates the disappearance of the city of Vukovar and the dispersal of her people following the war.
Gli Italiani in Jugoslavia (1941-1943) (Roma, 2007); Tone Ferenc, There is Not Enough Killing: Condemned to Death.
It is a KRAFT recipe, which, if you are lucky, you should be able to whip up in Jugoslavia.
5% (1) Former Soviet Union 16 weeks 100% West Germany 14 weeks 100% Denmark 28 weeks 90% Holland 12 weeks 100% Hungary 24 weeks 100% Former Jugoslavia 105 days 100% Greece 14 weeks 100% Japan 14 weeks 60% Norway 20 weeks 100% New Zealand 14 weeks Unpaid Spain 14 weeks 75% Poland 16-28 weeks 100% Portugal 90 days 100% Finland 268 days 80% Former Czechoslovakia 28 weeks 90% France 16-28 weeks 84% Canada 17-18 weeks Upto 60% for 15 weeks Romania 112 days 15-93% (2) Sweden 12 weeks 90% Switzerland 8-12 weeks Same as Sick Pay Source: International Labour Office.
Ethnic difficulties will flare with violence, as they have in Jugoslavia.
In accordance with the new political situation and the formation of a new country that brought together all southern Slavs, the Velika Srbija soccer club changed its name to Jugoslavia in 1919.
I tedeschi erano dilagati in Polonia, in Norvegia, in Olanda, in Francia, in Jugoslavia, e penetravano nelle pianure russe come una lama nel burro>> (64).
When speaking of the defection of King Peter of Jugoslavia to the Germans she wrote: 'He was always terrified of a coup d'etat, as of course it would mean the disintegration of such an uncomfortable sham country.
Central Austria, and pockets in Northern Jugoslavia Western latvia, Prance, the Channel Islands, and on the Elbe still In German hands.