Julian Day

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Julian day

[′jül·yən ¦dā]
The number of each day, as reckoned consecutively since the beginning of the present Julian period on January 1, 4713 B.C.; it is used primarily by astronomers to avoid confusion due to the use of different calendars at different times and places; the Julian day begins at noon, 12 hours later than the corresponding civil day.

Julian Day

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

For simplifying certain kinds of calculations, it was found to be helpful to delete references to months and years, and simply number all days consecutively. Each such numbered day is referred to as a Julian Day (JD).

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Total CPUE appeared to decrease significantly after approximately Julian day 240 (Aug.
Julian Day, RadioShack Corporation's chairman and chief executive officer, is scheduled to present on Thursday, Sept.
It certainly shows that Kmart is viable, and that Julian Day [president and chief executive officer] and his management team are doing the job they promised the creditors and stockholders to resuscitate the company.
New members include Bill Cobb, president, eBay North America; Julian Day, chairman and CEO, Radio Shack Corporation; Dr.
We know that cancer research and survivorship is near to the hearts of many of our associates and customers, and together with Lance and his Foundation, we have the power to make a meaningful difference," said Julian Day, RadioShack's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
The retailer also named Julian Day chief executive officer.
Fitch recognizes that a new top management team headed by CEO Julian Day will provide additional energy to the company's turnaround efforts.
Our mobility strategy is rooted in customer advocacy, and allows us to offer the best solution for consumers' needs across multiple carriers, plans, phones and accessories," said Julian Day, RadioShack's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.
At 54 years old, new appointee Julian Day comes with the experience of a top executive position at Kmart Holdings.
Stufflebeme as its new senior vice president and chief information officer reporting to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Julian Day.