Pierre Loti

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Loti, Pierre

(pyĕr lôtē`), pseud. of

Julien Viaud

(zhülyăN` vyō), 1850–1923, French novelist, an officer in the French navy. He achieved popularity with his impressionistic romances of adventure in exotic lands, such as Aziyadé (1879), set in Constantinople, Rarahu (1880, later titled Mariage de Loti), set in Tahiti, and Madame Chrysanthème (1888), set in Japan. His most enduring novels, however, are Pêcheur d'Islande (1886; tr. An Iceland Fisherman), a tale of Breton fishermen, and Ramuntcho (1897; tr. 1897), a story of French Basque peasant life. Of his many travel books, Vers Ispahan (1904) is highly esteemed.
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IZMIR, Dec 28, 2009 (TUR) -- Archives of the French novelist and naval officer, Louis Marie Julien Viaud or Pierre Loti, have been opened to researchers for academic studying, Izmir mayor's office said Monday.
Julien Viaud (his real name) was raised in a staid Protestant household of women in the port of Rochefort.
This historical context is one of the things that make the work of Proust's immediate predecessor, Julien Viaud, so remarkable.