July 8

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July 8


Apollonian Games (July 6-13)

Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Brady Day (Second week in July) Jul 8, 2012; Jul 8, 2018

Chilseog (Seventh day of the seventh lunar month) Jul 8, 2019

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Durham Miners' Gala (Second Saturday of July) Jul 8, 2017; Jul 8, 2023

Festival of American Folklife (Last weekend in June to first weekend in July) Jul 8, 2012; Jul 8, 2018

Fur Trade Days (Second weekend in July) Jul 8, 2017; Jul 8, 2023

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Jul 8, 2011; Jul 8, 2016; Jul 8, 2022

Lindenfest (Second weekend in July) Jul 8, 2017; Jul 8, 2023

Moxie Festival (Second weekend in July) Jul 8, 2017; Jul 8, 2023

Schutzengelfest (Second Sunday in July) Jul 8, 2012; Jul 8, 2018

Wayne Chicken Show (Second Saturday in July) Jul 8, 2017; Jul 8, 2023

Legal Holidays by Countries

Carnival MondaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Carnival TuesdaySt. Vincent and the Grenadines
Unaine DayKiribati
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Over 130 contestants vying for the Miss Hooters International title and $50,000 first place cash prize will come from as far as Korea to represent their Hooters restaurant in the pageant on July 8th.
What: Oppenheimer 8th Annual Consumer Growth Conference When: Tuesday, July 8th at 12:00 p.
The third jet assembly will be installed on Thursday July 8th and Bend Arch Petroleum should have results the week of July 12.
Total volumes on the exchange reached almost 12,400 contracts on July 8th recording the highest ever daily value of $864 million.
The Bush administration, philosophically wedded to the idea of smaller government, issued a record-high number of pages of new federal regulations last year," reported the July 8th Washington Post.
Mitch Posilkin, counsel to the Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), which represents over 25,000 building owners, said for the case to "not to be deemed abandoned," either side must file papers for summary judgement by Wednesday, July 8th.
Prior to the launch of The Five, FNC will run encore presentations of Glenn Beck from Monday, July 4th through Friday, July 8th.
com)-- Conversation Comedy launches on July 8th at 6 PM Est.
SmarTrend encouraged that subscribers consider buying shares of ConocoPhillips on July 8th, 2013.
The Youth Impact Program, now in its third year at Stanford, runs for three weeks from July 8th to 26th, and focuses on English, math and life skills training, incorporating football terminology to better connect with program participants.
Her funeral is Monday, July 8th from O'CONNOR BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME, 592 Park Avenue with a service at 10:00 a.
I look forward to returning to the courts as soon as possible, with my goal being to return to Mylan World Team Tennis on July 8th in Washington DC.