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1. the sovereign of a Muslim country, esp of the former Ottoman Empire
2. an arbitrary ruler; despot
3. a small domestic fowl with a white crest and heavily feathered legs and feet: originated in Turkey



the title of a sovereign in Muslim countries. The title of sultan was used in Turkey until 1922, and in Morocco until 1957. Sultans ruled Egypt from the 13th to 16th centuries and from 1914 to 1922. The title is now held by major feudal lords in the Muslim countries of western Africa, by the rulers of Masqat and Oman, and by some tribal chiefs in southern Arabia.

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According to the press spokperson of the IOM Jumbe Omari Jumbe, some 370
Jumbo, whose name comes from the Swahili word jumbe, was an African bull who arrived in 1865 from the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.
Overtime, numerous studies conducted to examine this relationship have produced conflicting results: some studies suggest that energy use is highly positively correlated with GDP growth [for example; Chebbi and Boujelbene (2008), Jumbe (2004), Siddiqui (2004) etc.
shortages and continuing insecurity," explained the IOM Spokesperson Jumbe
Originally slated for 30 October, the elections were postponed after Jumbe died of a heart attack just before the original polling date.
support humanitarian operations," said the IOM Spokesperson Jumbe Omari in a
Jumbe (2004) has found bidirectional causality between GDP and electricity for Malawi over the period 1970-1999.