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Windows 7

The previous client version of Windows and successor to Windows Vista. Introduced in 2009, Windows 7 was superseded by Windows 8 in 2012 and Windows 10 in 2015. Although Microsoft offered Windows 7 users a free upgrade to 10 for an entire year, many people retained Windows 7 because they feel it is a solid operating system, and support is expected until January 2020. See Windows 7 versions, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Enhancements to the User Interface
Multitouch capability was added, but compatible touchscreens are required to take advantage of the feature. Windows 7 introduced the "Superbar," a taskbar somewhat like the Dock in the Mac. The Superbar is used to show open applications as well as launch new ones, and icons can be rearranged, whereas they were fixed in previous versions.

Jump Lists and Snap Placement
Jump Lists provide a "most recent file" capability. When an application is open, right clicking its icon in the Superbar displays a list of the last files worked on. Developers can also add Jump Lists to their apps to display commonly used functions. Another improvement was quick window placement. Application windows snap to the top and sides of the screen by just moving them to the edges.

Library Metafolders
Folders and files can be grouped together in a high-level "Library" structure and indexed for fast searches (see Windows Libraries).
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OUR jump list of horses to follow is going out with a bang following 7-1 and 16-1 winners on Aintree's first day.
Jump Lists - Access the pages, topics and profiles you visit the most on Clipboard, such as "hot clips" and "new clips," directly from the Jump List feature.
11m, and Andrew Whitton cemented ninth spot in the triple jump list after grabbing a season's best distance of 12.
Louis, has quickly risen to fourth on the UO all-time triple jump list at 52 feet, 10 1/4 inches and ninth on the school's career long jump rankings at 25-6 1/2 .
has been warm enough and good enough to have risen to fifth on the UO all-time triple jump list after hopping, stepping and jumping 52 feet, one-half inch three weeks ago at Hayward Field during the Oregon Invitational.
I was not ready to be done," said Johnson, tied for sixth place on the UO all-time high jump list at 7 feet, 1/2 inch.
GROWL is our qualifier on the Flat at Doncaster today, but it's the first publication of the jump list that can get you roaring.
Features such as Pinned Sites and Jump List enable people to put their websites directly on the Windows 7 Taskbar, as though they were native applications, and then to quickly and easily perform tasks related to those websites, such as check their inboxes, change the music station, accept friend invitations or see breaking news.
I no-heighted the previous two meets," remembered Johnson, a 6-foot-5 23-year-old from Grants Pass who has been tied for sixth on the Duck all-time high jump list at 7- 1/2 for five years.
BARADARI and SPECIAL TIARA represent the old jump list at Sandown.
Add to this some much needed Windows 7 Jump List integration and suddenly Outlook feels less like the neglected stepchild of the Office world and more like the well-integrated cog it has always longed to be.
A jump list is a list of actions or items associated with a particular application.