inflatable structure

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pneumatic structure

A very lightweight enclosed structure, usually fabricated of a membrane of an impervious material and supported by the difference in air pressure between the exterior and the interior of the structure rather than by a structural framework. Fans must maintain the interior pressure slightly in excess of normal atmospheric pressure to prevent the structure from slowly deflating and collapsing. Used primarily as a temporary enclosure or to house sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also called an air-supported structure.
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The event will be exclusive for families who will enjoy variety of food and recreational activities for the children like boat ride, face paintings, jumping castle along with an opportunity to win exciting prizes, he said.
Magic shows, puppet show, face painting, jumping castle slides, horse-riding, heavy bikes riding and musical programmes for the visitors proved to be major attractions.
There will be a range of free activities for children including a jumping castle, face painting, pony rides and animal petting zoo.
theme, popular food trucks served a variety of foods, the family-friendly hospitality tent featured an indoor jumping castle for children, ice cream and cotton candy throughout the day.
The family-friendly hospitality tent will be equipped with an indoor jumping castle for children, providing ice cream and cotton candy throughout the day, and over the weekends the children will be joined by balloon artists, face painting artists and a magician.
For children there will be pony rides, a jumping castle, face painting, tug of war, mini Zumba classes, snag golf and much more.
The daylong festival was scheduled with multiple activities, entertainment programs and shows, food street, performances by famous comedians of the country, puppet show, magic show, quiz program, musical chair, painting competition, jumping castle, face painting, firework, sports activities and special activities for women.
In addition, the hotel's younger guests can participate in the educative Kids for All Seasons program, which this time features daily arts and crafts, cinema hours, face painting and jumping castle.
There was a full bar and catering, a jumping castle and other activities for the children.
The hotel will offer guests a Sunday Brunch on April 20 celebrating Easter at Musandam cafe & restaurant including entertainment for the children starting from jumping castle, face painting to Easter chocolate eggs filled with goodies.
There was a jumping castle for the kids and traditional Qatari food available for takeaway.
For the duration of the party, the children ate and played on a real jumping castle.