Junction FET

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In addition, TowerJazz will manufacture Vishay Siliconix Super Junction FET Power MOSFETs.
Along with the announcement of our new 600-V Super Junction FET power MOSFETs, our expanded foundry agreement will enable us to support the very significant demand that we expect for this device," said Serge Jaunay, Senior Vice President, MOSFET division, Vishay Intertechnology.
X-FAB's junction FET module allows special transistors to be used for low-noise applications.
Siliconix pioneered the development of vertical trench power MOSFETs to overcome the limitations of planar DMOS devices, where a parasitic junction FET effect places a severe limit on the benefit of increasing transistor cell densities.
This model can represent many kinds of FETs, including GaAs MESFETs, HEMTs, silicon junction FETs and silicon MOSFETS.
Solitron manufactures more than 1500 standard semiconductor types including: Power Transistors, Darlington transistors, UJTs, IGBTs, Junction FETs, power MOSFETs, Power Diodes/Rectifiers, Voltage Regulators (SMD and custom), DC to DC Converters, Motor Drivers (Military, Industrial/Commercial), Power Factor Correction Modules and Rad-Hard components for various satellite and space exploration programs.
GaAs FETs operate similarly to N-channel junction FETs where [I.
The power-series coefficients for the resistors were determined by differentiating the Schockley equations for junction FETs at [V.
A new series of junction FETs (JFETs) that eliminate the problem of latch-up in amplifier designs was released today by Siliconix incorporated (NASDAQ: SILI), an 80.