June 1, 2019

June 1, 2019


Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Chicago Gospel Music Festival (First weekend in June)

Elfreth's Alley Fete Day (First weekend in June)

Festival of the Sea (First weekend in June)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month)

Gawai Dayak (Late May to early June)

National Family Month (Second Sunday in May through the third Sunday in June)

Raid on Redding Ridge (First weekend in June)

Rogers Festival (First weekend in June)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Children's DayLaos
Independence DaySamoa
International Children's DayAngola
Madaraka DayKenya
Mother and Child DayMongolia
Oil Nationalization DayIraq
President's DayPalau
Youth DayCape Verde
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Refunded series 2003 bonds will be redeemed on June 1, 2013 at par, subject to earlier turbo redemptions of the term bonds maturing June 1, 2019, 2024 and 2032.
14,890,000 turbo term bonds due June 1, 2019 'BBB';
51,585,000 turbo term bonds due June 1, 2019 'BBB';
2,200,000 series 2005B turbo term bonds due June 1, 2019 'BBB';
9 million and contains serial bonds with remaining maturities of June 1, 2006 through June 1, 2015, a term bond with a maturity of June 1, 2019, and flexible amortization term bonds with maturities of June 1, 2023, 2028, 2035, and 2042.
The FGIC insurance policies will extend to the maturity date of the FGIC insured bonds, which is June 1, 2019 for the series 2005C-2 and June 1, 2033 for the series 2005C-3 and 2005C-5 bonds.