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in chronology, the conventional period of a lunation, i.e., passage of the moon through all its phases. It is usually computed at approximately 29 or 30 days. For the computation of the month and its harmony with the solar calendar and for the months in others than the
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He added that 541 ongoing schemes in Rawalpindi division whose funds have been released fully, should be completed by June 31, 2018 and summary of remaining schemes whose funds are still awaited should be moved and processed swiftly.
RIYADH: A high-level Saudi trade delegation attended the Achema trade fair in Frankfurt which started on June 15 and will run through June 31.
Permanent connection thereafter as and when requested Complete process of development of remaining 14,000 plots in sector 35, 36, 37 by July 31, 2016 Provide electricity and water connection by June 31, 2016, that is a month before allotment Take assistance of the Delhi administration and the Delhi Police to remove
3mn bid for Hyder on June 31 , stating that there was "compelling strategic rationale" for the deal.
is back to turn up the heat 24 We've got the low-down on the secrets being shared at Northern Stage this month 34 Wor Life will ensure World War I is remembered REGULARS 11 Readers' Lives: Criminologist Louise Ridley takes her bookshelf pick 17 My iPod: Suntrapp's Jake Houlsby on his playlist favourites 20 New Music: Matt Stalker and Fables share the tuneful fruits of their labours 28 10 Things: Wall planners at the ready for the stuff you won't want to miss in June 31 Books: Lauren Owen on her Gothic debut 32 Classical: Radio presenter and writer Rob Barnes introduces himself 54 Final Say: The outgoing Anthony Sargent draws a line under June
A similar upgrade scheme is already available on Air India's international sectors till June 31, the rates for which depends on the sector and the distance of travel.
19 billion monthly active users and 82 million MAUs in India for the quarter ending June 31, 2013.
The latest figures released for the NR deposits show that during the three months from March 31 to June 31, the deposits were at an all time high.
Salcedo Auctions inaugurates its Private View exhibition program with "Celia Molano: Enchanted Ornaments" until June 31 at its newly opened annex at Three Salcedo Place.
Vehicle access will be partially closed off from Sundays to Tuesdays over three weeks; June 9-11, 16-18 and June 31 to July 2.
1bn) in the six months to June 31, representing a rise of 12.
Latorre added that the outcomes of the second phase of evaluation, due on June 31, will accurately determine the need of each financial institution of financial liquidity.