June 5

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June 5


Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Congo National Days (March 18; June 5)

Davis's Birthday (First Monday in June) Jun 5, 2017; Jun 5, 2023

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Jun 5, 2011; Jun 5, 2015; Jun 5, 2016; Jun 5, 2020; Jun 5, 2021; Jun 5, 2022

National Family Month (Second Sunday in May through the third Sunday in June)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Constitution DayDenmark
June HolidayIreland
Labour DayBahamas
Liberation DaySeychelles
President's DayEquatorial Guinea
Queen Elizabeth II BirthdayNew Zealand, Niue
Whit MondayAntigua and Barbuda, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Congo
Whitsun MondayAndorra

Legal Holidays in United States

Jefferson Davis's BirthdayAlabama
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The exoplanet is some 1000K hotter than any other known transiting gas giant, Scott Gaudi (Ohio State University) and colleagues report June 5th in Nature and at the summer American Astronomical Society meeting in Austin, Texas.
Albanian opposition parties in Macedonia clearly disapproved of organizing the elections on June 5th, even when BDI still considered that there are conditions for going on elections on that date, writes Portalb.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden pecat comments that after Ali Ahmeti finally decides that he won't participate on the elections scheduled for June 5th, stressing it loud and clear in the public, it will take three days before he comes to term with his decision and stop acting all confused, asking whether we are joking?
Al Buraimi, June 7 (ONA) Customs land border posts statistics in the governorates of North Al Batinah, Musandam and Al Buraimi stated that 1323 imported vehicles entered the Sultanate through these posts during the period from May 31st to June 5th.
com)-- In honor of World Environment Day, the Church of Scientology will be hosting a panel discussion with community and government leaders on June 5th to promote awareness of and solutions for bettering the world we all live in.
Summary: ABU DHABI - The Central Bank of the UAE announced today that the Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Cases Unit (AMLSCU), in line with its strategy to enhance the capacity building of its regulated entities, held a workshop on June 5th regarding the 'Requirements of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) Recommendations of 2012 and online STR System' for banks, currency exchanges and other financial institutions, at the Central Bank premises in Abu Dhabi.
Patrick's Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday, June 5th at 1.
June 5th was World Environment Day, and that day marked the collection of 19,009 pounds of medication waste- that's over 9 and a half TONS of pharmaceutical waste
He added that the Human Rights Council discusses this year the Israeli violations of human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories and in the occupied Syrian Golan, particularly due to the dangerous developments which took place after Israel killed 20 Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese and injured more than 150 who were marking the anniversary of al-Nakba peacefully, in addition to committing another massacre on June 5th when Israel killed 25 civilians and injured more than 400 of the peaceful demonstrators who were celebrating the 44th anniversary of al-Naksa (the Setback).
He disclosed that Palestinian refugees were barred from reaching the Blue-line on June 5th but failed to identify who prevented them from doing so.
Pakistan, June 7 -- World Environment Day, which is celebrated across the world on June 5th, honours the day the United Nations General Assembly, in 1972, established its first ever global effort aimed at protecting the environment.
Mum, Dad and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx COWDALL -TERRY, June 5th, 1999.