June bug

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June bug,

name for June beetleJune beetle
or May beetle,
a blackish or mahogany-colored beetle of the scarab beetle family, widely distributed in North America and especially abundant in the NE United States and the adjacent parts of Canada.
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 and mayflymayfly,
any insect of the order Ephemeroptera, so named because the adults live for a short time, often only a single day, during which they molt twice, mate, and lay their eggs in freshwater.
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After resting Big Momma on her knees with her head hung over the side of the tub, Miss Beets told June Bug to let her stay like that for a while.
Magic32 is designed, manufactured and marketed by partners BASH Sports (Irvine, CA) and June Bug Enterprises (Beverly Hills, CA), owned by Earvin "Magic" Johnson.
You've heard the saying, "Like a duck on a June bug," haven't you?
So as much as a month before our spades hit the dirt, bats may be preventing an infestation of June bug larvae, grub worms.
In addition to flipping and pitching with June bug soft plastics, Martin predicts that chrome/blue Rat-L-Traps and white/gold spinnerbaits will produce plenty of keepers.
Kato, who has been in the United States for only six months, caught 10 keepers Saturday in two hours using a june bug worm.
He caught his bass on a 3/16-ounce Telson jig in June bug and green pumpkin colors in 4 to 6 feet of water.
Two thousand people, bringing blankets and baskets laden with gourmet supper fixings, gather at The Cedars, in the historic Fondren district, and settle in amid fireflies and June bugs to enjoy the music under a canopy of cedar trees more than two centuries old.
climb high enough, the crumb bums may follow the June bugs and
June bugs spread brown rot fungus-they fly in the trees.