June bug

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June bug,

name for June beetleJune beetle
or May beetle,
a blackish or mahogany-colored beetle of the scarab beetle family, widely distributed in North America and especially abundant in the NE United States and the adjacent parts of Canada.
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 and mayflymayfly,
any insect of the order Ephemeroptera, so named because the adults live for a short time, often only a single day, during which they molt twice, mate, and lay their eggs in freshwater.
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Merseyside musicians taking part in the 2008 event, the sixth annual International Pop Overthrow in the city, include Duncan Ross, The Good Intentions, the Alun Parry Band, Graystar, Junebug, TonyKehoe and The Stitches.
In die 2006-film Junebug word 'n greep uit die lewens van 'n gesin uitgebeeld wanneer "die verlore seun" saam met sy vriendin uit die stad op besoek kom.
Junebug has a "presence," she insists: "It was like he was wearing a magnet so strong that the snaps on my jeans were about to drag me over to him.
A nimble comic actress who enlivened Catch Me if You Can (as Leonardo DiCaprio's giggling girlfriend) and received an Oscar nomination for Junebug, Adams is adept at playing simple minds made restless by the loss of naivete.
Most of the newly donated photos are black and white, and they include a striking photo of a sweating Muhammad Ali, the heavyweight boxing champion; one of actress Ingrid Bergman; and one of a boy with a junebug.
Asi como un escarabajo gigante (hanneton en frances y junebug en ingles), este actor zumba y zumba a los oidos, vuela, patina, malabarea y suena.
1 JUNEBUG (2005) AMY'S big break after parts in such dubious fayre as Psycho Beach Party and Cruel Intentions 2.
His film roles have included Junebug opposite Amy Adams and 88 Minutes with Al Pacino.
She jumps between comedies and dramas, and her films include Catch Me If You Can with DiCaprio, Enchanted, Junebug, Charlie Wilson's War, Sunshine Cleaning, Doubt, The Fighter and, this week, American Hustle.
Formed from parts of Gintis, Morffe, Carpet and Junebug, singer Carl Roberts explains it is a deliberate nod to the trials and tribulations of being in bands.
Along with Roadside Theater in Appalachia and Junebug Productions out of New Orleans, we created an American Festival Project and toured Europe, showing the nature of America as not a melting pot but a kaleidoscope of colors," remembers Greenberg with obvious pride.