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see DzungariaDzungaria
or Junggar
, physical region (c.300,000 sq mi/777,000 sq km) of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, NW China. It is a largely steppe and semidesert basin surrounded by high mountains (the Tian Shan in the south and the Altai in the north).
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, China.
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Shale gas potential and organic geochemical characteristics of oil shale in Southeast of Junggar Basin.
Xu and his colleagues analysed the new dinosaur, discovered in orange mudstone beds at Junggar Basin in Xinjiang, China.
Koch 1839) reaches the east side of the Helan Mountains and the west edge of the Loess Plateau, extending westward along the northern slope of the Qilian Mountains and ultimately penetrating to the northern part of the Junggar Basin.
The Karamay oilfield in the Junggar Basin-the fourth largest in China--was established more than 45 years ago.
The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), along with foreign oil companies, has invested billions of dollars on exploration and production (E & P) activities in three strategic basins (Tarim, Junggar and Tuha) in the region over the past decades.
This gobi, or "lenticular mass of sedimentary deposits," can only be the Dzungarian or Junggar Basin, which encompasses the Gurbantunggut Desert and is bounded on the north by the Altai.
4 - "Integrated seismic inversion to predict thin fan delta sandstone and fluid: A feasibility study case in Junggar Basin, China" - Wednesday, November 7, 9:45 AM.
Prospects for Development of Oil Shale Deposits in Southeastern Margin of Junggar Basin.
2 billion, mainly for the construction of Fuling shale gas project, exploration and development projects in Shengli oilfield, Sichuan Basin, Tahe oilfield, Junggar Basin, and Ordos Basin as well as Guangxi and Tianjin LNG projects, construction of gas pipelines and overseas projects.
The three new applications in the Junggar Belt of NE China are pending approval from the Provincial Department of Land and Resources.
Seven projects, including West Junggar, Tahe and East Shengli etc.