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jungle cat:

see catcat,
name applied broadly to the carnivorous mammals constituting the family Felidae, and specifically to the domestic cat, Felis catus. The great roaring cats, the lion, tiger, and leopard are anatomically very similar to one another and constitute the genus
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Jungle Cat


(Felis chaus), a predatory mammal of the family Felidae. The body is up to 80 cm long; the tail, up to 30 cm. Jungle cats live in dense thickets along the river valleys of northeastern Africa and southwestern and southeastern Asia. In the USSR they are found in the Volga delta, on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, and in the river valleys of Middle Asia. They live in dense thickets of rushes, sedges, and cattails. Because it kills game animals and game birds, the jungle cat does damage in some places to hunting.

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There are 850 species of birds, including toucans, parrots and hawks, elusive sea mammals like the manatee, plus monkeys, alligators, jungle cats, iguanas and crocodiles - and the biggest butterfly collection anywhere in the world.
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The evolution of this trend has led to technology that is worn on our person, allowing workers to accomplish many once complicated tasks with ease and allowing organizations that rely on real-time information to be as nimble as jungle cats," said Tehrani.
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In recent years, scientists have proven that human beings respond to human pheromones much as jungle cats respond to the predatory feline pheromones of potential mates.