junior high school

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junior high school:

see schoolschool,
term commonly referring to institutions of pre-college formal education. It also properly includes colleges, universities, and many types of special training establishments (see adult education; colleges and universities; community college; vocational education).
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Only half of junior high school pupils responded that they should not smoke because it is illegal, 49% among boys and 50% among girls, the report said.
Students and teachers at elementary and junior high schools in Ako resumed classes Monday and were supplied by water tanker.
Some 520 evacuated elementary and junior high school students returned to classes in the town of Abuta on Monday, about two months after Mt.
On average, expenditure for public junior high school students shrank 7,000 yen to 147,000 yen and for private junior high school students 15,000 yen to 109,000 yen, it said.
About half of the Sulphur Springs students would still attend La Mesa Junior High School.
Enrollment at the junior high school was 1,410, as of Friday, an increase of 70 students over the previous year.
We can also be very successful in running a ninth grade in the junior high school.
A private junior high school in Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, has decided to use a controversial history textbook compiled by nationalistic historians from next April, a survey by the prefectural education board said Friday.
training at Abington Junior High School in Montgomery County.
04 % of Japanese junior high schools have adopted a controversial history textbook, written by a group of nationalist scholars, for use in their classrooms from next April, the education ministry said Tuesday.
The older junior high schools still offer industrial arts, but shop classrooms have been dropped altogether from new campuses such as Rancho Pico Junior High and Golden Valley High, which are scheduled to open in August.