Alfred Moore

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Moore, Alfred

(1755–1810) Supreme Court justice; born in New Hanover County, N.C. He fought in the American Revolution (1776–81) and served as North Carolina's attorney general (1782–91), and on the state legislature (1782) before President John Adams named him to the U.S. Supreme Court (1799–1804).
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The court also awarded N300, 000 cost against Hon Aghedo, the appellant who had challenged the decision of the Court of Appeal Benin Division delivered by Justice Moore Asiemo Adumein.
We are asking the federal court to strike down the automatic removal provision in the Alabama State Constitution and we are asking that Chief Justice Moore be immediately reinstated," Staver told the Associated Press.
Quoting Scripture, the state constitution, and previous federal and state Supreme Court rulings, Chief Justice Moore argued that federal courts were using "specious" arguments aimed at "destroying" marriage, with far-reaching consequences for Alabama and beyond.
opinion with Chief Justice Moore about several matters, but I did not
Chief Justice Moore said, "If technology's supposed to increase our knowledge, how did we become so stupid?
Excluding the acting justices, and with the exception of Justice Hearn, Justice Moore, and Justice Burnett, the justices' overall agreement rate with Chief Justice Toal's opinions remains below fifty percent, (89) with Justice Pleicones at an incredibly low rate of ten percent.
22) As attorney general, I publicly disagreed with Chief Justice Moore and assisted the associate justices of the Supreme Court of Alabama in ensuring compliance with the injunction.
Eventually, on the order of a federal court, the monument was hauled out and Justice Moore was removed from office.
He was transferred to Downpatrick and at the next court sitting was put on trial for wilful murder before Mr Justice Moore.
TNA: When THE NEW AMERICAN asked Justice Moore in 2002 what prompted him to put the Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse he answered: "The Commandments were placed in the court to acknowledge the moral foundation of our law and the foundation of our government.
43) Overruling only one decision from the time of his election to the court in 1991 until 1997, Justice Moore was not immediately insulated by the 1996 amendment, as he was preparing for his 1998 re-election.
Upon being elected as chief justice of the state Supreme Court, Justice Moore installed a granite monument of the Ten Commandments in the Alabama Supreme Court rotunda.