Potassium Permanganate

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potassium permanganate

[pə′tas·ē·əm pər′man·gə‚nāt]
(inorganic chemistry)
KMnO4 Highly oxidative, water-soluble, purple crystals with sweet taste; decomposes at 240°C; and explodes in contact with oxidizable materials; used as a disinfectant and analytical reagent, in dyes, bleaches, and medicines, and as a chemical intermediate. Also known as purple salt.

Potassium Permanganate


KMnO4, a salt; dark violet crystals. Density, 2.703 g/cm3. Soluble in water (6.4 g per 100 g H20 at 20°C and 22.2 g at 60°C; solutions are red-violet in color), and also in methanol, acetic acid, and acetone. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidizing agent; an explosion may occur when KMnO4 is mixed with concentrated H2SO4, as well as with certain organic substances, such as glycerol. Potassium permanganate is obtained by fusing pyrolusite, MnO2, with KOH and subsequent electrolytic oxidation of the resultant K2MnO4. (For information on the use of KMnO4, see PERMANGANATES.)

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The powder is dissolved in cold water, the buffer organIQ BUFFER AO is added, and the organIQ BLEACH solution can be sprayed on just like KMnO4.
The KMnO4 inhibited the onset of ethylene system II, which initiates, coordinates and accelerates the process of ripening of climacteric fruits [21].
Tenders are invited for Triple Salt Kmno4 -Mono Sulphate Aldehyde Free For Fumigation 500Gm In Bottle
The eggs were collected on daily basis, cleaned, marked, weighed, fumigated with formaldehyde solution and KMnO4 Vali et.
The existing procedures of hydrocarbon oxidation utilize dangerous and frequently stoichiometries or overabundance oxidants; for example, Cr (VI) or KMnO4 [2-3].
These juveniles were stocked in glass aquaria, after giving a bath into KMnO4 solution with concentration of 2mg/l for 30 seconds only (Marecaux, 2006) and acclimatized for two weeks.
For this any trivalent chromium present was oxidized into hexavalent chromium with KMnO4 and then was determined
The purity of barium peroxide was checked by KMnO4 titration.
Bleaching: In this process, a strong oxidative agent such as sodium hypochlo rite or KMno4 is added during the washing with or without stone addition.
Tenders are invited for Triple Salt Kmno4 Mono Sulphate Aldehyde Free For Fumigation 500Ml In Bottle
Brooders were thoroughly bathed in KMnO4 solution (8 ppm) to eradicate infestation and transferred to holding tanks for acclimatization.