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see CanuteCanute
, 995?–1035, king of England, Norway, and Denmark. The younger son of Sweyn of Denmark, Canute accompanied his father on the expedition of 1013 that invaded England and forced Æthelred to flee to Normandy.
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, Cnut, Knut
died 1035, Danish king of England (1016--35), Denmark (1018--35), and Norway (1028--35). He defeated Edmund II of England (1016), but divided the kingdom with him until Edmund's death. An able ruler, he invaded Scotland (1027) and drove Olaf II from Norway (1028)
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According to Knut, "It was at this point that some members of the committee felt there was light at the end of the fiduciary tunnel.
On March 19, Knut collapsed then floated dead in the water of his pen, in front of a number of visitors.
When queried, if the participation of a team from Abu Dhabi this year is untimely, Knut said UAE partnering with international sailors can make a bench mark during this season.
I can confirm that Knut Olav according to plans will visit Everton from Tuesday to Thursday," said Molde director Tarje Nordstrand Jacobsen.
For those of you who have a soul, ooh and ahh to your heart's content as little Knut (above) grows from a tiny blob of white fur, about the size of a guinea-pig, to a 28-kilo bear.
Mr Doerflein gained fame around the world last year when he began caring for Knut, Berlin Zoo's most famous resident, after he was rejected by his mother.
One bit of buzz even had Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's daughter Suri being eyed to voice Knut.
Born on December 5, Knut has been raised by Doerflein and other zoo staff after his mother rejected him and another cub that died.
Despite playing with the usual critical apparatus, Combuchen's analysis of the man and the writer should be just as attractive to academics as it will be to readers with no idea of who Knut Hamsun was.
His name is Knut and he is a 16-week-old polar bear cub at the Berlin Zoo.
It certainly looks to be the case if you count the column inches that have been devoted to Germany's superstar polar bear cub, Knut, this year.
Sniffing and stumbling over the uneven, grassy ground, Knut delighted the crowds by clambering over a log and sniffing curiously at the legs of his handler, Thomas Doerflein.