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A cube-shaped, flat-roofed building in the center of the Great Mosque at Mecca; the most sacred shrine of the Muslims.
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In mitigation, Andrew Nuttall explained that Kabah had been through a difficult time.
From the command of the Quassy, the houses were built around the Kabah, leaving sufficient space for circumambulation of the holy house.
El Parque Estatal de Kabah (20[grados]14' N-89[grados]39' W) pertenece al municipio de Santa Elena, cuenta con una superficie de 949 ha (SECOL 2007); el clima es calido subhumedo con lluvias en verano (Flores & Espejel 1994), con una precipitacion media anual de 1,062 mm y una temperatura media anual de 24.
Hence he returned to Mecca and with the help of Ismail the first place of worship, the Kabah, was built.
En esta misma arteria se instalaran vialetas de alto impacto, ademas de la senalizacion vertical y pintura de lineas de transito a lo largo de la avenida, desde la Kabah hasta la Lopez Portillo.
La urbe comercio y guerreo con otras ciudades mayas del Clasico, como Tikal, Copan y Palenque, y algunas posteriores, como Uxmal y Kabah.
Including Studies of Ceramic Material from Uxmal, Kabah and Chichen Itza", Harvard University, Papers of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Vol.
Among the ruins that are increasingly popular to visit: Kabah, Sayil, Labna, Coba, and Dzibil Chaltun.
The concert featured performances from 9 groups including: Laura Pausini, Jennifer Pena, Kabah, Cabas, Kumbia Kings, Bacilos, Alejandro Montaner, Jorge Moreno and La Mosca Tse Tse (Photos: Adrienne Denaro)
What: Fifth annual Reventon Super Estrella concert with Enanitos Verdes, Fey, Elvis Crespo, Pilar Montenegro, Rabanes, Aleks Syntek and Kabah.
During the pilgrimage, the faithful circle the Kabah seven times and try to touch the rose stone held inside it.