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see ZhangjiakouZhangjiakou
or Changkiakow
, Mongolian Kalgan, city (1994 est. pop. 615,300), NW Hebei prov., China, near a gateway of the Great Wall and on the Beijing-Russia RR.
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, China.



(also Changchiak’ou), a city in North China, in Hopeh Province, in the valley of the Yang Ho (Huang Ho basin). Population, 1 million (1970). Kalgan is a highway junction and has a station on the Chingpao Railroad, which runs from Peking to Paot’ou. Industry includes ferrous metallurgy (at the Lunyang Metallurgical Combine) and machine building (the production of mining equipment, geological prospecting instruments, and ball bearings); the city also has a viscose factory and food-processing and glass enterprises. Iron ore is extracted at the Lunyang deposit near the city, and hard coal is also mined nearby.

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It remains the primary form of portable housing in use in Mongolia today; Bottom: a gateway in the Great Wall at Kalgan, on the border between Mongolia and China.
Sprague and his wife, who had settled at Kalgan (Zhangjiakou), and stayed with them when he passed through the city, a major trading center for northern China and Mongolia.
Gilmour returned to Kalgan in May 1878 and was warmly welcomed by a lama who had seen him "approaching from afar and ran round to all the tents in the cluster shouting "He's come.
In view of that information, Edkins wondered whether it would be better for Gilmour to settle in Kalgan or some agricultural valley and follow the Roman Catholic model for converts.
Kalgan Hall and environs, Oyster Dix and Meagher 1976; Dortch Harbour stone weir complex: 1997b; 1999; 2000; Ferguson 1985; KGS/OH.
Their second attempt to reach Peking succeeded, and they spent seven months studying Chinese in the imperial city before heading northwest for Kalgan (Zhangjiakou), a border city near the Great Wall.
When the Gulicks reached Kalgan in 1865, they encountered a lot of hostility, but it did not prevent them from establishing an ABCFM mission.
Principal battles: Peking (Beijing) and Kalgan (Zhangjiakou) campaigns (1937).