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Refai Kallai, managing director at Asaq Al Khaleej Engineering Resources in Abu Dhabi, said he will wait and watch the rupee's movement before making any decision on remitting funds to India.
Accompanying him to Dubai to receive the award were General Manager N M Shafiq, Travel Manager Naushad M E, Tours Manager Farooq Siddiqui, Assistant Tours Manager Jagannath Pothiraj, Sam Varghese, Regency Group HR director, Fadi Barakeh, AREDC general manager, Kallai Aboosabil, Regency Fleets general manager, Abegale Bantugan, Ali Youness, Aileen Mariano and Allan Eviota from product development, operations and sales and marketing team and a few other guests from Qatar.
95 pbk); Lion Hudson The Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales Bob Hartman/Krisztina Kallai Nagy (NZ$29.
In contrast to the factions in the communist party leaderships in other communist satellites in the 1950s, such as the German Democratic Republic, or GDR (Karl Schirdewan, Ernst Wollweber, Gerhart Ziller, and others), (12) Hungary (Janos Kadar, Gyorgy Marosan, Gyula Kallai, and others), (13) and Poland (the "pulawska" faction composed of Roman Zambrowski, Jerzy Morawski, Wladystaw Matwin, and others), (14) the political opposition in Romania consisted primarily of just two members of the PMR Politburo, Constantinescu and Chisinevschi.
Pal Kallai, who won the Hungarian Derby in 2000 at the age of 67, was 73 when he died just weeks after riding his last winner in September 2006.
Tim Durant completed the Grand National in 1968, aged 68, while Pal Kallai tried to land a unique double, the 1966 Kentucky Derby and the 2000 Hungarian Derby.
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Pallacken Abdul Wahid, Social Advancement Foundation of India (SAFI), Fourth Floor, Kallai Heights, Kallai, Calicut 673003, Kerala, India.
Kallai had observed ("An Attempt to Determine the Location of Beeroth," Eretz-Israel 3 [1954]: 115), there are several arguments from the sources that militate against the location of this Gibeonite town at el-Bireh (el Bire).
It's proven to be a good learning experience for us because we've seen where we've made mistakes, and we're determined not to make the same mistakes again," said Ingrid Kallai, marketing analyst for the bleached board division.