Kanskoe Belogore

Kanskoe Belogor’e


a mountain range in the western part of the main watershed range of the Vostochnyi Saian Mountains (Krasnoiarsk Krai, RSFSR). The Kanskoe Belogor’e is situated between the Manskoe Belogor’e to the west and the Agul’skie Belki to the east, forming a watershed for the rivers of the Kan and Kizir basins. Length, approximately 110 km; elevations, 1, 800–2, 000 m (the highest point is Mount Piramida, 2, 256 m). The mountains are predominantly of medium height with flat smooth peaks and are composed chiefly of crystalline schists, marble, and granites. The northern slopes are broken up by a dense network of well-developed, frequently broad river valleys. On the slopes everywhere are dense dark coniferous taiga, and the highest peaks have lichen-covered rocky tundra.