the hilly uplands in the foothills of the Paropamisus Mountains, between the Murgab and Amu Darya rivers in southern Turkmen SSR.

The Karabil’ reaches an altitude of 980 m. The hills are composed of alluvial and proluvial fine-grained, loesslike Neocene and early Anthropogenic sandstones. The terrain slopes from the south to the north and is covered with ephemeral desert and semidesert and ephemeral subtropical steppe.

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The heads of Turkmenistan and Belarus gave positive assessment to signing of additional agreement for exploration and development of potassium deposits in Karabil area [also in Lebap province].
It followed Al Muahiri's win on Karabil Kalya Hai in the Shaikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Challenge last month.
While Shaikh Hamdan will choose between Karabil Kaiya Hai or Sas Alexi as both horses have qualified, Shaikh Majid will be on Kangoo d'Aurabelle, Shaikh Rashid Dalmouk on Rukban Dikrubu and Ali Muhairi on Macquarie Park Sedition.