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Karakul Hydroelectric Power Plant is fully state-owned enterprise managed by the State Property Management Fund.
The Karakul deposit, located 5 km from the Russia-Mongolia border, is a hydrothermal polymetallic sulphide deposit that is also attractive for its copper, bismuth, silver and tungsten mineralization.
Based on a survey, Jawzjan has one million sheep, including 300,000 Karakul sheep, livestock official Abdul Ahad told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Reproductive performance of karakul ewes following different oestrous synchronization treatment outside the natural breeding season.
Known as karakul hats, they're made from lamb pelts and are traditionally worn in northern Afghanistan.
Vice- president Hamid Ansari was seen in a karakul hat or the Jinnah cap named after the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
Frank had a goatee and a big Russian karakul fur hat.
Frequent references have been made to the following sources with regard to the curricula: (Akbaba, 2004; Aydin, 1989; Duru, 1942; Erisen, 1977; Gencan, 1970; Gogus, 1970; Gogus, 1983; Gogus, 1987; Isiksalan, 2000; Karakul, 2000; Kuzugudenli, 1981; Miyasoglu, 1985; Yontem, 1927; Yucel, 1994; Yucel, 1929; Yuksel, 1964); (Furthermore, see Suleyman, 1922 for a critique of the curricula before 1923).
His hair was cropped as close as a layer of moss, as close as the karakul fur on the collar of Grandma Hoffstetter's old cloth coat.
Karakul (kar-ah-kool) Originally from Asia, the Karakul sheep is an ancient breed of fur sheep (see Figure 12-20), which means that the pelt of the animal is the primary product.
At this time Karakul, Scottish Blackface, Tunis, Cotswold, American Coopworth, Leicester Longwool, Hog Island, Icelandic, Navajo Churro, Jacobs, and Lincolns have been pledged.