see KaramayKaramay
or Karamai
, city (1994 est. pop. 212,600), N Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, in the Dzungarian basin. Since the discovery (1955) there of one of the largest oil fields in China, it has grown into an oil-producing and refining center.
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, China.
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The Block offsets Karamai, China's third largest oil field, located in the Jungar Basin, which is believed to extend into the Alakol Block.
Despite China's assurances, like Beijing's dubious assurances over the Brahmaputra, in regard to the Irtysh, Marat Yermukanov, a journalist for the Russian-language newspaper Panorama Nedely in Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan, writes: "Patience ran out when Beijing started construction of a canal linking the Black Irtysh with the Karamai River on Chinese territory, dramatically lowering the water level in the river.
We have heard news that in Hotan, in Aksu, in cities like Karamai, there were protests.
Under the agreement, Nippon Oil produces highly refined base oil, using crude oil from an oil field at Karamai in the Xinjian Urygur Autonomous Region in northwestern China, at a local CNPC unit.