Karel Palous

Palouš, Karel


Born July 11, 1913, in Moravská Ostrava. Czechoslovak stage director.

Palouš’s career began in 1936. From 1938 to 1943 he was a director and actor at the City Theater in Moravská Ostrava. In 1943 he moved to Prague. In 1945, Palouš became director and in 1950 manager of the Z. Nejedlý Realistic Theater. He is one of the first Czechoslovak directors to use K. S. Stanislavsky’s system of ensemble acting. His productions have included Cach’s Duchcov Viaduct, Korneichuk’s Platon Krechet, Stehlik’s Ravine, Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard, Brecht’s Galileo, and Gorky’s Enemies. As a director, Palouš has emphasized ensemble acting, the detailed unfolding of character, and the creation of atmosphere.


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