Karim Ismailov

Ismailov, Karim


Born Sept. 19 (Oct. 2), 1907, in the kish-lak (hamlet) of Dzharboshi in present-day Ordzhonikidzeabad Raion, Tadzhik SSR; died June 29, 1968, in the kishlak of Tur-kabad of the Eski-Guzar Village Soviet, Ordzhonikidzeabad Raion. Prominent figure in the kolkhoz movement of the Tadzhik SSR. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor (1948, 1957). Member of the CPSU (1932).

Ismailov graduated from the party school in the city of Dushanbe in 1928. He served in the Soviet Army from 1941 to 1945. From 1950 to 1964 he was chairman of the Moskva Kolkhoz (today the Karim Ismailov Kolkhoz). Under his leadership the kolkhoz systematically and substantially exceeded the plan targets for all types of agricultural output. At the 11th (1958) and 14th (1961) congresses of the Communist Party of Tadzhikistan he was elected a candidate member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Tadzhikistan. He was a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the Tadzhik SSR at its third through seventh convocations. Izmailov was awarded the Order of Lenin, two other orders, and various medals of the USSR and of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. [10–1473 -1]

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