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, city (1989 est. pop. 1,094,000), capital of Tatarstan, E European Russia, on the Volga. It is a major historic, cultural, industrial, and commercial center. Manufactures include chemicals, explosives, electrical equipment, building materials, consumer goods, and furs.
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, Russia.



a city (prior to 1972, a kishlak, or hamlet), the center of the Kasan Raion, Kashkadar’ia Oblast, Uzbek SSR. Located on the river bank of the Kashkadar’ia River, on the Karshi-Bukhara highway, 4 km from the Kasan railroad station (on the Kagan-Termez line) and 30 km northwest of Karshi. Population, 24, 000 (1972). Kasan has two cotton mills, a porcelain factory, a brickworks, a brewery, and a vegetable-oil extraction plant.

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Sample position Gamma spectrometer Result Unit Karshenasan Soil radio nucleotide 877 [+ or -] 33 Bq / kg Kosar Soil radio nucleotide 812 [+ or -] 30 Bq / kg Niar1 Soil radio nucleotide 984 [+ or -] 37 Bq / kg Niar2 Soil radio nucleotide 857 [+ or -] 32 Bq / kg Dash Kasan Soil radio nucleotide 760 [+ or -] 28 Bq / kg Shorabil1 Soil radio nucleotide 638 [+ or -] 24 Bq / kg Shorabil2 Soil radio nucleotide 634 [+ or -] 24 Bq / kg
Kasan was wounded in a gunbattle with a rival clan in Datu Hoffer town.
We have played the game in a number of different classes at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen in Germany and Kasan State University in Russia.
Talaich join Tiny Software as he brings extensive experience from both industrial and consumer markets," said Roman Kasan.
Kasan Electronics was founded in 1990 and has grown 100% to become one of the leading multimedia companies in Korea with revenues of $50 million in 1996.
NASDAQ:TRID), the leaders' choice in 3D graphics acceleration, today announced that both Kasan Electronics of Seoul, Korea, and Jazz Multimedia of Santa Clara, Calif.
Kasan plans to exhibit a DVD Player called WinX DVD.
The significance to this version of our Tiny Personal Firewall is far beyond that of any firewall product available today," said Roman Kasan, president and CEO at Tiny Software.
The acquisition of Sandbox Security AG and its sandbox technology finalized our efforts to offer one centrally managed security package for the desktop," says Roman Kasan, the founder and CEO of SECURITAE Corp.
Februar 1886 wurde er an der Universitat zu Kasan Lehrkraft fur finnisch-ugrische Sprachen (EAA, f.
Digital River continues to provide solutions that help us maximize our e-business return-on-investment," said Roman Kasan, president and CEO of Tiny Software.
The company is learnt to have assured locals about employing them in the plant during a meeting with the heads of various villages in and around Manesar, including Aliyar, Dhana, Manesar, Kasan, Basskusla, Kankrola, Bangrola, Kho, Pukharpur, Naharpur, Mohammedpur, Farukh Nagar, Nawada and Wazirabad.