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see KazanKazan
, city (1989 est. pop. 1,094,000), capital of Tatarstan, E European Russia, on the Volga. It is a major historic, cultural, industrial, and commercial center. Manufactures include chemicals, explosives, electrical equipment, building materials, consumer goods, and furs.
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, Russia.



a city (prior to 1972, a kishlak, or hamlet), the center of the Kasan Raion, Kashkadar’ia Oblast, Uzbek SSR. Located on the river bank of the Kashkadar’ia River, on the Karshi-Bukhara highway, 4 km from the Kasan railroad station (on the Kagan-Termez line) and 30 km northwest of Karshi. Population, 24, 000 (1972). Kasan has two cotton mills, a porcelain factory, a brickworks, a brewery, and a vegetable-oil extraction plant.

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Upholstery and furniture have always been in my life or, rather, they have been my life," says Kasan, whose two sons help run the company today.
Results of soil sampling from Ardabil showed that highest to lowest amount of isotope 40 belongs to Niar 1 (984), Karshenasan (877), Niar 2 (857), Kowsar (812), Dash kasan (760), Shoorabil 1 (638) and Shoorabil 2 (634), kebrel per kilogram, respectively.
He's under heavy guard at a hospital after we confirmed his identity," Cruz said, adding that Kasan had checked into hospital with a false name.
Moreover, parents must juggle work and family demands to take time to read to their children (Crouter & Bumpas, 2001; Kushnir & Kasan, 1992-93).
In Nikoli's offices, located not far from Asakusa's Sensoji Temple in downtown Tokyo, Maki's creators are working on what may next sweep the puzzle world--Kakuro, from Japanese kasan kurosu, "addition and across.
La iluminacion, escenografia y direccion de escena fueron responsabilidad de Juliana Faesler; asesoria artistica de la hermana de la compositora, la prestigiada Jesusa Rodriguez; vestuario de Eloise Kasan, y la realizacion de videos a cargo de Nicolas Pereda.
A smaller but equally significant reconstruction is the Church of Our Lady of Kasan on Red Square.
Adorning the ``Creepers'' red carpet: newcomers Eric Nenninger, Nick Aycox, Billy Aaron Brown, Kasan Butcher, Marieh Delfino and Lena Cardwell, who portray the basketball stars and cheerleaders whose bus is attacked by the Creeper on their way home.
Das Schicksal der ostlichen finnischugrischen Volker hing von den Ergebnissen der Auseinandersetzungen zwischen dem Moskauer Staat und dem tatarischen Khanat Kasan ab.
Under attack by North Korean troops at Kasan, Brown found himself atop a 50-foot wall that protected the American position.