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(Kasperl), a character in Austrian and German puppet theater.

The stage character of Kasperle first appeared in the late 18th century in Austria and, later, in Germany. Kasperle is a comic character. At times puppet shows featuring him have risen to the level of pointed lampoon. Kasperle appears in both marionette and puppet shows. In the 20th century the hand-puppet theater has become known as Kasperle theater.


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La primera historia es una sintesis de la obra Kasperle presentada hace cinco anos en el Teatro Jimenez Rueda, donde se cuenta como Fausto vendio su alma al diablo y las vicisitudes de su criado con tres diablillos que lo quieren atrapar.
Named Kasperle in the early 18th century, he was brought to Germany by traveling puppeteers and became an extraneous but popular character in marionette productions of Faust.