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(1) In Orthodox church services, a special kind of monastic tropariow during which the hirmos (beginning canticle) is sung both at the beginning and the end of the canon ode; the two choirs descend from the balcony to the center of the church to sing the katabasis.

(2) In the figurative sense, confusion or chaos.


In the Greek Orthodox church, a place under the altar for relics.
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An illustration of this is the topos of the katabasis that can be seen resonating in the voyage of Bilbo and the dwarves through Mirkwood, which is peculiar, for forests are usually the epitome of life and nature, so associations with death and decay in this instance seem paradoxical.
In extant Aristophanic Old Comedy, on the other hand, only the plots were unqualifiedly fictional: the founding of Cloudcuckooland in Birds, The Dung Beetle's ascent to the gods in Peace, Dionysos' katabasis in Frogs.
Es un viaje hacia la intimidad como una metafora de la katabasis epica en la que la mujer--la heroina--se enfrenta a su destino ultimo, su yo verdadero, cuando se ve en el espejo que "es" la nina, su nieta.
In the epyllion's tortuous adoption of the katabasis, the underworld's voice dissipates the clouds that ominously occlude the sun from the mountains peak.
The numerous versions of a katabasis story where Jam brings back the payman 'Measure' from the devs suggest to Azarnouche that this episode is likely to be old even though she cannot trace it in the Avesta.
Propiamente, el camino de ida corresponde a una anabasis ('recorrido hacia arriba', de [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]), mientras que el de vuelta, mas bien, a una katabasis ('recorrido hacia abajo', de [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]).
The scene of necromancy in Book VI, where the witch Erichto temporarily revives an anonymous soldier in order to make him "prophesize" about the fate of the war appears as a sinister parody of Aeneas' solemn descensus to the underworld, or of Odysseus' previous katabasis in Homer's epos.
The contrast of light and night/darkness is linked with the traditional myth of katabasis, thus evoking the heroes' visits to the underworld.
The Katabasis Theme in Modern Cinema," In Classical Myth and Culture in the Cinema, edited by Martin W.
McPherran's introductory chapter sets the course for this scholarly journey, charting a revelatory katabasis into the depths of Plato's magnum opus, rightly celebrated as the ancient philosopher's central text and a fixture of the canon across a broad multidisciplinary field, from philosophy to political theory, to psychology, classics, religious studies, educational theory and classics.
No estamos lejos, a mi modo de ver, de una autentica teologia de la liberacion cuyo momento liberador no es otro sino el misterio pascual del Senor y, mas en concreto, su katabasis a los infiernos y su anabasis desde ahi.
34) While Miller's journey to Greece was, as Bertrand Mathieu pointed out, undoubtedly Orphic--the katabasis and palingenesis that became part of his legend, the reality of Miller's "life-changing experience," as opposed to his mythologizing of it, was far from what he asserted--as later accounts by Brassai, Georges Robitaille or Judson Crews, as well as his treatment of Conrad Moricand in Big Sur, (35) attest.