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volcano, 4,961 ft (1,512 m) high, SW Iceland. One of Iceland's most active volcanoes, it is partly buried under the Mýrdalsjökull glacier, which covers its eruptive vents. Katla's most recent major eruption was in 1918, during which mudflows resulting from glacial melting extended the coast some 3 mi (5 km). There may have been a smaller eruption in 1955 that did not break through the glacier.



an active volcano in southern Iceland, with an elevation of 970 m, covered by the southeastern part of the M–rdalsjökull Glacier. The volcano’s eruptions under the ice have caused intensive melting of the ice and the flooding of adjacent regions. Since the tenth century, 14 major eruptions have been recorded, the most recent occurring in 1918, 1934, and 1955.

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The metal concentrations in the liver of Rui, Katla and Pangus fish were in the decreasing order of Pb>Ni>Cd, Pb>Cd>Ni and Pb>Ni>Cd respectively.
Due to the unusually high level of unrest at the Katla volcano, we raise the aviation colour code from green to yellow," it said.
Scientists believe that Katla is overdue for another eruption that is likely to be massive when compared to Eyjafjallajkull or Grmsvtn -- and could be even more disruptive for European and trans-Atlantic air traffic.
Above the Icelandic volcano Katla, for instance, the ice cap is 6 meters thinner in summer than in winter.
Delft University's volcano expert Andy Hooper said it is difficult to predict if and when Katla volcano would erupt but added that the eruption would have 'major' consequences.
Katla is a danger but she has a poor draw to overcome.
The field is the fourth fast-track development plan submitted to the ministry in 2011, following Visund South, Vigdis North-East and Katla.
In other news, Subsea 7 was also awarded an engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning (EPIC) contract by Statoil ASA for the Pan Pandora and Katla fields in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.
15 November 2010 - Norwegian oil major Statoil ASA (OSL: STL) said last Friday it had awarded Oslo-listed oil service company Subsea 7 (OSL: SUB) two contracts worth USD90m for tie-back of the Katla and PanPandora fields in the North Sea.
However, such feelings will be of no concern to Irish trainer John Grogan as he enjoyed a red-letter day with Katla in the Coral Rockingham Stakes at York.
RED-HOT Katla produced a superb display to give little-known Irish trainer John Grogan a memorable victory in the Coral Rockingham Stakes at York yesterday.