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, city (1995 pop. 10,229,262), capital of South Korea, NW South Korea, on the Han River. It has special status equivalent to that of a province. The political, commercial, industrial, and cultural center of the nation, Seoul is by far the most important city in the
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, South Korea.
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The 1915 exposition flaunted Japanese modernity and material superiority by designing exhibition halls in a Western architectural style near the Kyongbok Palace and juxtaposing Korea's past with Japan's present, but Koreans neglected the display halls, turning instead to the splendor of Keijo and flocking to the exhibition's less didactic activities.
An important factor was that there were no process downtimes due to installation and commissioning of the NAPCON[R] Suite software", Keijo said.
Asakawa Noritaka travelled down to Pusan to meet Yanagi and brought him back to Seoul, then known as Keijo.
The administrator of the Finnish Defence Ministry, Keijo Suila, has submitted to Defence Minister Jyri Hakamies a report on the delay in the delivery of the European NH90 helicopter (Finland ordered 20, see Europolitics 3488).
Several American consulates were receiving money, too, including the consulates at Nagoya, Kobe, Nagasaki, and Osaka, in Japan; Taihoku, Taiwan; Keijo (Seoul), Korea; Dairen and Harbin in Manchuria; Capetown, South Africa; and Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Given the book's intended character as a source of inspiration accessible to readers coming from a wide range of disciplines, the reasons for the inclusion of Keijo Virtanen's 'The Concept of Purification in the Greek and Indian Theories of Drama' remain obscure.
According group general manager Keijo Torkkell, the company specialises in catalyst technology for Diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles.
Leading at the fifth bend, he drew away to beat Keijo Keane by over three lengths.
Nesemann's book is thus largely a careful retreading of a path opened up by Jussila and Keijo Korhonen, the author of the definitive study of the Committee for Finnish Affairs.
This is the biggest fleet modernisation in Finnair's history," said Keijo Suila, president and CEO of Finnair.
Mike Loftus (left), Locate Birmingham, with delegates Seija Salovaara, Keijo Kaivanto and Jouko Lahti