Kelly, Michael

Kelly, (Michael Joseph) “King”

(1857–94) baseball player; born in Troy, N.Y. One of baseball's first superstars, he combined power and speed during his 16-year career as an outfielder/catcher (1878–93), mostly with the Chicago White Stockings and Boston Red Stockings. The once-popular song, "Slide, Kelly, Slide!" (1889) was inspired by the fans' chanting that accompanied his frequent stolen bases. Handsome and flamboyant, he was known as baseball's "king of the diamond." In 1945 he was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame.
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CITY (4-4-2): Lee Burge; Jack Grimmer, Dom Hyam, Rod McDonald, Ryan Haynes; Tom Bayliss, Liam Kelly, Michael Doyle, Jordan Shipley (for Kyel Reid, 53 mins); Marc McNulty, Jonson Clarke-Harris (for Max Biamou, 70 mins).
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Goodnight, God bless, Auntie Stella, Cousins Mark, Kelly, Michael, Wesley and Kieren xxx.
John Kelly, Michael Prakken and Sam Dylag of CBRE/NE procured the funding for the borrower.
He said: "We want an opportunity to bring Ministers Alan Kelly, Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin before the upper house without further delay to clear up the ever growing confusion surrounding Irish Water.
Further counters came from Mark Mabon, Martin Kelly, Michael Robinson, Steven Gardner and Jonny Taylor.
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