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Silicone gel sheeting for the prevention and management of evolving hypertrophic and keloid scars.
The treatment of 783 keloid scars by iridium 192 interstitial irradiation after surgical excision.
Keloid scars could actually be categorised as a benign type of tumour, and often grow bigger than the area of the original injury.
2) Keloid scars have a firm and inflexible texture, a shiny appearance, and are elevated above skin level.
The keloid scars would cause her pain for the rest of her life.
Many have chosen not to hide the keloid scars on their skin, continuing to tell of things that they might rather not remember.
He ran his fingers over the little keloid scars on his face and stared into his own eyes until the skin disappeared and only the eyes remained.
This approach may be useful in dermatology and plastic surgery, especially for burn victims who get extensive scarring, patients with keloid scars, etc.
The abnormal healing that creates keloid scars may be more common in blacks, Dr.
Children scar differently than adults and are more prone to hypertrophic scars and keloid scars.