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island, Iran: see KharkKhark
or Kharg
, island, c.4 mi (6 km) long and c.2 mi (3 km) wide, SW Iran, in the Persian Gulf. Site of one of the world's largest deepwater oil ports, it is linked to the mainland by a 25-mi (40-km) pipeline.
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It was due to arrive at Daesan in South Korea from Kharg Island in Iran on Sunday, according to Reuters ship tracking.
The project has been awarded to Norway's Hemla Vantage, which is to anchor a vessel with liquefaction facilities on board close to Kharg Island.
Foroozan oilfield, a joint field between Iran and Saudi Arabia, is located about 100 kilometers Southwest of the Kharg Island and the Arabian part of this oilfield is called 'Marjan'.
NITC provides bunkering services on Kharg island and in other ports in a JV with a local fuel seller.
It processes heavy crude received from the Kharg island export terminal.
These fields, linked to Kharg island by pipeline, were frequently targeted by Iraq during the 1980-88 war.
Delivery of the cargo will be from Iran's Kharg Island terminal to Croatian port of Omisalj.
Summary: According to Tasnim, Kharg Island oil export terminal, located 60 km northwest of Bushehr, will export West Karoon early next year.
Over the past 10 days, French major Total, Spanish refiner Cepsa and Litasco -- the Geneva-based trading arm of Russian giant Lukoil -- have all loaded Iranian crude oil at Kharg Island in the Gulf.
8 million tons of products have been loaded and unloaded in Kharg Island which shows a 60 percent increase compared with the preceding year, the official said.
1980: Iraqi planes bomb and set on fire Iran's Kharg Island crude oil export terminal.
The Iraqis had attacked oil reserves on Kharg Island in Iran on August 15, while also attacking and controlled Majnoon Island on January 6 1986.