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the language of the Khitans who, in ancient times, were nomads in the territories of the present-day Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region and the Mongolian People’s Republic. Khitan is presumably related to the Mongolian language group. It is represented by inscriptions of the Khitan Liao Empire (tenth to 12th centuries), which were written in a special Khitan script known as “large” (as yet unstudied) and “small.” Graphically similar to Chinese, the “small” Khitan writing was not, however, hieroglyphic, but rather syllabic, with the symbols joined together in separate units to form a word.


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The Northern Chancellery governed the Khitan nation and other nomadic tribes, whereas the Southern Chancellery ruled over conquered farming people (mostly Chinese).
the Khitan [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], non-Sinitic etymology] Empire (916~1218) in far north-east China; the Da-Li [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (da-li/dai-ly), 'great jade-managing'] Kingdom (937~1253) in far south-west China.
Between January and June this year, development projects to be completed include mainly Manpower and Government Restructuring Programme buildings, Khitan Police Station and the State Executive Apparatus.
The German parliament has, perhaps understandably, voted to overturn Cologne's judgment and to protect the non-therapeutic--ie, pointless circumcision of male newborns--thus upholding, simultaneously, the wise choices of the British royal family, the Muslim tradition of khitan and the enduring authority of God's covenant with Abraham, as set out in Genesis: "He that is born in thy house, and he that is bought with thy money, must needs be circumcised: and my covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.
This pattern was also experienced in China and India, although in these cases, new techniques and cultures of state-formation derived from Inner Asian invasions--such as by the Khitan, Jurchen, Tangut, Turks--combined with the older civilisational forms to create (ironically perhaps) more hybrid forms than the civilisational purity claimed, for instance, by Confucian and Hindu-Buddhist states in the protected zones.
She considers the "Qara Khitan power" to be in "gradual decline" before the Mongol "subjugation [from 1218 to 1220] of all the land that had once formed the Qara Khitai empire.
Their interactions escalate to violence, as Wan has Qing whipped because the younger girl expresses a desire to follow Wu Luan to the Khitan province.
The success of the new government depends on rebuilding trust between the state and society," wrote Fahed Khitan, editor of the independent Arabic daily AL-ARAB AL-YAUM.
Chief Editor of al-Arab al-Yawm daily, Fahed Khitan, said, "The government is subject to some interferences, of which it is too weak to confront; for this reason it is now collapsing; and it bears the responsibility of the mismanagement that had lead to many crisis; such as how it dealt with the Interior Circle events, and attacking the protesters in the Right of Return gathering, in addition to the attacks committed against journalists; the departure of the government is getting closer as there are deliberations on more resignations; furthermore, the government and the Lower House are at loggerheads which would lead to the dissolution of either of the two authorities.
When, through other short-sighted policies, the Tang dynasty provoked the Khitan tribes to rebel in 696, the Mohe, along with the remnants of Koguryo groups, used the distraction to establish the new state of Zhen.
New materials on the Khitan small script; a critical edition of Xiao Dilu and Yelu Xiangwen.
Many people in Jordan call for boycotting the elections, but no legal measures have ever been taken against them," Fahed Khitan, a political analyst in the Jordanian daily Al-'Arab Al-Yom said.