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a catastrophe that occurred on May 18 (30), 1896, on Khodynka Field in northwestern Moscow (at the place where present-day Leningrad Prospect originates), during the popular outdoor fete held to celebrate the coronation of Nicholas II.

On an open field with an area of 1 sq verst (1 verst = 1.07 km), temporary booths and theaters had been set up, along with 20 drink stalls and 150 buffet tables at which gifts of food were to be distributed. Next to the field were a ravine, gullies, and pits. Attracted by rumors of lavish gifts, large crowds began gathering on the field on the evening of May 17. The gift bags that had been prepared, however, contained only a roll, a piece of sausage, a spice cookie, and a mug. At 5 A.M. several hundred thousand people were milling about the pavilions, and the police force of 1,800 was unable to maintain order. According to official data, 1,389 people were killed in the crush, and 1,300 were seriously injured.

The criminal negligence of the tsarist authorities aroused public indignation throughout Russia. The government conducted an investigation that resulted in the dismissal of Moscow’s chief of police and several lesser officials. The man most responsible for the Khodynka catastrophe—Grand Duke Sergei Aleksandrovich, the governor-general of Moscow—was appointed commander of the troops of the Moscow Military District that very year; his role in the incident earned him the nickname “Prince Khodynskii.”


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For example, upon return to Moscow on 14/27 July from the annual imperial review at Krasnoe Selo, the commander of the 12th Astrakhan Grenadier Regiment found General Pavel Adamovich Pleve (1850-1916), the Moscow district commander, observing routine troop exercises at the Khodynka field.
90) The editor gave in and a month later, as a reward, Witte gave Suvorin the "Personal and Completely Confidential" file containing the official conclusions of the Khodynka tragedy investigation.
But consider a Moscow disaster of four decades before the Great Terror, the little remembered Khodynka Tragedy.
She was in Moscow during the 1896 coronation ceremonies where she heard first-hand accounts of the tragedy at the Khodynka Fields (880-881).
The disaster of Khodynka is the central event of the Coronation Chapter and it is suffused with the spirit of Tolstoy.
Holyfield (42-8-2, 27 KOs) will challenge WBO champion Sultan Ibragimov at the Khodynka Arena in Moscow on October 13 after Ibragimov's original opponent, WBA champion Ruslan Chagaev, withdrew through injury.
In true carnival spirit, when Zhirinovsky announced his candidacy for the presidency in February, 1996, he did so in a ceremony that reenacted a khodynka, the celebration to mark the coronation of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia.
Construction of FOCL in areas of: CHPP-21-FS-PS Korovino Lianozovo Beskudnikovo, PS-PS Fili-FS- elepiha FS Khodynka, PS-PS Troparevo Konkovo, HPP-20-FS-PS Moskvoretskaya Paveletskaya, PS Cagino-kuzminki-Dubrovska, PS Fili-PS Mazilovo, the CHP 11-fs-CP Karacarovo Mill, the CHP 11-PS Baskakovo, PS-PS Metrostroevskaa Stromynka, Goworowo-PS PS PS Solntsevo Penagino-FS FS Tushino Civil-PS Butirki, PS-PS, Russia Miusskaya Mayakovskaya for CEC-branch of JSC "RZD".