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see HotanHotan
or Khotan
, city and oasis (1994 est. pop. 75,900), SW Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China, near the headstream of the Hotan River; the name sometimes appears as Ho-t'ien. It is the center of an area growing cotton, corn, wheat, rice, and fruit.
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, China.



(also Hot’ien), a city in Northwest China, in the Sinkiang-Uighur Autonomous Region, on the Yülungk’ashih Ho (Yurung Kash River) of the Tarim River basin. Population, 50,000 (1958). A transportation center on the North Kunlun highway, Khotan is the center of an agricultural oasis, where silkworms are raised. Industry includes silk winding, silk spinning, and rug-making. Handicrafts are also produced, including articles made of nephrite.

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Local Sogdian kings handed down edicts following South Asian practices, while the people herded animals, circulated gold coins from Kushan, and sent envoys to Khotan.
And that's why cities of Khotan and Kashgar in Xinjiang, northwestern China, are famous for their Sunday markets, where tourists can buy locally made crafts, naan and grilled mutton on skewers.
Periodic revolts led to two short-lived independent republics in Kashgar and Khotan in 1933 and in Yining in 1944-49, see Linda Benson, The Iii Rebellion: the Moslem Challenge to Chinese Authority in Xinjiang, 1944-1949, (New York: M.
Johnson, 'Report on His Journey to Ilchi, the Capital of Khotan, in Chinese Tartary', Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, XXXVII (1867),pp.
On July 18, 2011, another confrontation between Uyghurs and Chinese police occurred in Khotan, leaving close to twenty people dead.
See "Understanding the Khotan Incident in Local Context," Xinjiang Review, July 25, 2011.
There were at least three overland routes linking these various Buddhist polities: a Tibetan route through Central Asia, a route from Khotan through Gilgit and Chilas, and the third and by far the oldest, which could be divided into two subroutes, both of which crossed Burma.
Se trata de "Perro Amor", una produccion original de Telemundo grabada en el sur del estado de Florida, cuyo elenco encabezan Carlos Ponce, Ana Lucia Dominguez, Maritza Rodriguez y Khotan Fernandez.
86) Also in March, soon after riots in Tibet, hundreds protested in the southern Xinjiang city of Khotan after police returned the body of a Uighur man who died in custody.
He further observes that at about 250 AD -d- and perhaps -t- still turned up in Kharosthi documents of Khotan where also the clusters with sibilants and clusters with stops and -r- survived.
Table 1: Ethnic Distribution and Per Capita GDP at Current Price (2002) City % in Total Population Per Capita GDP (Yuan) Uyghur Han Khotan 96.
En 2004, el ingreso anual promedio de una familia rural era, respectivamente, de 5 mil 268, 5 mil 968 y 6 mil 225 yuans en los distritos de Tacheng, Bayangol y Changji donde viven los "han", mientras que bajaba a 3 mil 508, mil 707 y mil 167 yuans en Aksu, Kagbgar y Khotan, distritos que albergan a las tres cuartas partes de la poblacion uigur de Xinjiang.